Safari Dragons (ドラゴンズ) ゴーストドラゴン 10132

Safari Dragons (ドラゴンズ) ゴーストドラゴン 10132


Model : S10132
ItemDimensions : 47257135472
Type : Unknown
Manufacturer : サファリ
EANListElement : 0609366000077
UPCListElement : 609366000077
EANList : 0609366000077
Brand : サファリ(SAFARI)
CatalogNumberList : GM-B014Q6IV3G
PackageQuantity : 1
Label : サファリ
Studio : サファリ
PartNumber : S10132
ProductGroup : Hobby
FormattedPrice : ¥ 3,672
CatalogNumberListElement : GM-B014Q6IV3G
MPN : S10132
Publisher : サファリ
Language : 英語Unknown
UPCList : 609366000077
PackageDimensions : 40060035600
UPC : 609366000077
Languages : 英語Unknown
Name : 英語


The feared Ghost Dragon is said to appear only when a new moon occurs on all Hallows' Eve.The terrifying creatures seek ancient treasures and old foes on this night.Known for stealth, the Ghost Dragon blends in with the dark surroundings of the moonless nights it loves best.Incredibly realistic, each black and blue-tinged scale of the ghost dragon is a tactile experience.The detailed skull head, sharp claws, and ghostly wings complete a sinister appearance.A muted palate of black, grey, and dark blue stand in contrast to the white skull and green horns of this 5 1/2 inch tall and 5 3/4 inch long figure, making it a little larger than a CD case.Although all dragons live incredibly long lives, Ghost Dragons never die.Long ago, a dragon stumbled upon a magical elixir, and drinking it eventually turned this dragon into a wraith-somewhere between the living and the dead, doomed forever to walk the earth on moonless All Hallows' Eve nights.One could pass within a few feet without being detected.


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