Gran Turismo 5 Essentials PS3

Gran Turismo 5 Essentials PS3


HardwarePlatform : Playstation 3
Platform : PlayStation 3
Label : Sony
Model : G000002480
ItemDimensions : 26
Studio : Sony
Type : Original Language
ProductGroup : Video Games
EANListElement : 8902923211582
Manufacturer : Sony
Publisher : Sony
Language : 英語Original Language
EANList : 8902923211582
Brand : Sony
PackageDimensions : 7966922528
Languages : 英語Original Language
Name : 英語


Gran Turismo 5 is an action racing game developed by Polyphony Digital exclusively for PS3. It is the sixth installment in the GT series and is one of most popular PS 3 games. You will love to drive beautiful cars on real-life tracks. You can choose from more than 1000 cars which include hybrid and electric car models. Moreover, you have access to 31 different locations and 81 different tracks to race. Gran Turismo 5 PS3 features some exciting advancements from its previous edition. The visuals are enhanced to give you effects like skid marks and dust. Additionally, you can flash the headlights of your car while racing in the night mode. Plus, you as a player can also devise new circuits using the tools. Experience the world's most realistic racing with Gran Turismo 5 for PS3. This gaming experience is as close as you can get to a real life race. for the first time in the franchise, a damage model has been included that includes both mechanical and external damages. The extent of damage depends on whether your car is Standard or Premium. A standard car is less resistant to scratches, dents and dirt after an accident. While, premium car is much more resistant to damage. Additionally for the first time GT features an online mode where you can play race with up to 16 players at a time through PlayStation Network. Gran Turismo 5 video game can be enjoyed with family and friends alike. Order your copy of GT 5 DVD today and get on the track and race.


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