Carolina North Mfg., Inc.10020Rope Ratchet-3/8" ROPE RATCHET

Carolina North Mfg., Inc.10020Rope Ratchet-3/8


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Label : Carolina North Mfg., Inc.
Model : 10020
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PartNumber : 10020
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Publisher : Carolina North Mfg., Inc.
EANList : 0725555100202
UPCList : 725555100202
Brand : Carolina North Mfg., Inc.
CatalogNumberList : B1020916ZO G3124685591521
PackageDimensions : 250970110610
UPC : 725555100202


3/8" rope ratchet. A unique, compact ratchet system that allows you to secure a wide variety of items quickly and easily. Unlike standard tie-down methods that require time consuming hard to tie/untie knots, this ratchet requires only attaching 2 hooks and pulling the loose end of the cord. Releasing tension requires only taking up slack and pushing the convenient thumb lever release. Can be used for light jobs around the house to heavy-duty work of hoisting heavy objects or securing items for travel. Ratchet Size: 3/8", Material Type: Polypropylene, Length: 8', Capacity: 250 lbs No. 10026: Ratchet Size: 3/8" No. 10030: Ratchet Size: 1/2", Material Type: Polypropylene, Length: 8', Capacity: 500 lbs ---- 1. 海外直輸入品となりますので、新品であっても、パッケージに多少のダメージがある場合もございますが、商品本体には問題ございませんのでご安心ください。2. 日本国内でのメーカーによる製品保証等は適用されません。3. パッケージや、説明書等は、英語表記となります。


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