RPM RPM80122 Rear Bumper for Traxxas Slash 4 x 4 - Black

RPM RPM80122 Rear Bumper for Traxxas Slash 4 x 4 - Black


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Brand : アールピーエム(RPM)
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The 4x4 version of the Slash is another awesome creation from the minds at Traxxas but with a little help from RPM, we've made it even better! Our new rear bumper is modeled after full-sized short course and desert racing trucks for authentic scale realism, utilizing the same great looking rear bumper as that found on the 2wd version of the RPM rear bumper and making the most of an all-new bumper mount design specifically for the 4x4. This new mounting system has the perfect blend of rigidity and flexibility to absorb those nasty rear collisions without transferring huge amounts of impact energy into the more fragile components of the chassis. Additionally, with its twin hinge point mounting system, rear A-arm maintenance is a snap. Simply remove the two bottom-mounted flathead screws and the bumper swivels out of the way for easy access to the rear A-arms! It even allows the rear sway bar to stay in place!

We incorporated a thicker skid plate design that does a fantastic job of protecting the rear end and lower mounting screws from harsh conditions such as gravel and asphalt impacts. The RPM lower mount / skid plate is over 35% thicker than the stock version!

What more could we do to make these things incredibly realistic? How about mounting points for mud flaps and RPM tail light kits already widely available? That's right; these bumpers come stock with mounting positions for RPM mud flaps and RPM Tail Light Kits. If you haven't seen a Slash with a full set of Led's running at night, you're missing out!

  • Color: Black.
  • 特徴

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