I'm In The Mood For Lovet

I'm In The Mood For Lovet


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Artist : Kenny G
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Disc 1 / Track

1 - You're Beautiful
2 - The Way We Were
3 - Yesterday
4 - I'm In The Mood For Love
5 - If
6 - The Way You Look Tonight
7 - If I Ain't Got You
8 - Love Theme From "Romeo & Juliet"
9 - It Had To Be You
10 - The Shadow Of Your Smile
11 - Fly Me To The Moon / You Make Me Feel So Young
12 - As Time Goes By
13 - You Raise Me Up
I'm in the Mood for Love...The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time is Kenny G's twist on the trend that's found artists, from Rod Stewart to Gladys Knight to Barry Manilow, repurposing classics for modern consumption. Or is it? A scan of the track selection is as likely to get listeners wondering whether he's covered these songs before as it is to drum up curiosity about how they'll sound spiraling out of his signature sax. For instance: silky as "The Way We Were," the Barbra Streisand chestnut, comes across, it stirs a sense of déjà vu as much as wonderment; as does the Sinatra medley "Fly Me to the Moon/You Make Me Feel So Young." Such familiarity is without doubt the product of impeccable taste and a seasoned ear--somebody, whether it's Kenny G or a behind-the-scenes studio type, knows what works for the curly-topped jazzman and what's better left un-saxed. Still, such scrutiny can make for a disc that's aurally matchy-match; a stab at an out-there number--Etta James' "At Last" or U2's "With or Without You"--might have worked, too. That said, hats off to the G-man for pronouncing a couple of recent hits among the most romantic of all time: Alicia Keys "If I Ain't Got You" deserves it especially, and is mesmerizing here. --Tammy La Gorce




相変わらず、KENNY GのSAXの音は良い!
僕は12のAS TIME GOES BYが良いな。
曲はもちろんの事、KENNY Gが吹くとさらに良いね。
もちろん、KENNY Gが吹くから悪いはずはないけど。


「ユー・レイズ・ミー・アップ」、「ボイジャーズ イースト・ミーツ・ウエスト」


洋楽に疎い私でも 『あっ、この曲知ってる』っていうくらい名曲ばかりです。
スローなナンバーばかりですので、冬の夜長にお酒でも飲みながらゆったりと楽しむには 超オススメ。クリスマスの夜なんかに聴いたらロマンティックかも・・・疲れている貴方にもオススメです。心が癒されますよ。


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