Romantic Classics

Romantic Classics


ReleaseDate : 2006/09/19
NumberOfItems : 1
Format : CD
Format : Import
ItemDimensions : 45500575
Type : Published
Type : Original Language
Type : Unknown
PublicationDate : 2006-09-18
EANListElement : 0828767838021
Manufacturer : Burgundy S
UPCListElement : 828767838021
EANList : 0828767838021
Brand : Columbia
CatalogNumberList : 82876 78380282876783802182876783802
PackageQuantity : 1
Artist : Julio Iglesias
Label : Burgundy S
PartNumber : 1
Studio : Burgundy S
ProductGroup : Music
CatalogNumberListElement : 82876 783802
CatalogNumberListElement : 828767838021
CatalogNumberListElement : 82876783802
MPN : 1
Publisher : Burgundy S
Language : 英語Published
Language : スペイン語Original Language
Language : 英語Unknown
NumberOfDiscs : 1
UPCList : 828767838021
PackageDimensions : 4055020480
UPC : 828767838021
Languages : 英語Publishedスペイン語Original Language英語Unknown
Name : 英語
Name : スペイン語
Name : 英語


Disc 1 / Track

1 - Everybody's Talking
2 - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?
3 - Careless Whisper
4 - Always On My Mind
5 - Waiting For A Girl Like You
6 - Drive
7 - I Want To Know What Love Is
8 - Right Here Waiting
9 - This Guy's In Love With You
10 - The Most Beautiful Girl
11 - It's Impossible
Julio Iglesias--he of the endearing Latin accent, endless-summer suntan, and stunning charisma--could make "Mary Had a Little Lamb" sound sexy, so it's no surprise that the 11 selections here smolder with the approximate heat of high noon in his native Madrid. What may be surprising to longtime listeners, though, is the range of songs he chose to cover. While "It's Impossible," the Perry Como hit with the famously pretty-sad melody, comes across an obvious choice and benefits from a swooning yet sure-footed performance, two Foreigner classics, "I Want to Know What Love Is" and "Waiting for a Girl Like You," seem somehow beneath our debonair ladykiller. Still, smothered by his signature passion, they play like entirely new songs--less earnest and searching, more insistent and sweet. Such is the case with Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting" and, to some extent, the Cars' "Drive"; instead of sounding like lite-FM retreads, they become heated extensions of his Julio-ness. Older hits--"This Guy's in Love with You," "The Most Beautiful Girl"--benefit from a certain effortlessness; these are numbers pre-dipped in the knee-weakening romance Julio specializes in. Overall, it's a modern/classic commingling that proves what millions of women worldwide have suspected for decades: where practitioners of pulse-quickening, fantasy-fueling vocals are concerned, there is no equal. --Tammy La Gorce


実は初めてフリオ様のCDを購入しました。FMで"EVERYBODY 'S TALKING"が流れてるのを聴いて、またプロデュースにロビー・ブキャナンということで衝動買いしました。相変わらずの哀愁ボイス。スペイン語訛りが耳につくかもしれません。それも味でしょうか。数曲オリジナルよりいいかな。"CARELESS WISPER"は少しラテン歌謡曲みたいでちょっと冷めてしまいます。
The Real... Julio Iglesias