Thomas & Friends - Best of James [VHS] [Import]

Thomas & Friends - Best of James [VHS] [Import]


ReleaseDate : 2002/03/05
Label : Starz / Anchor Bay
ItemDimensions : 46
Studio : Starz / Anchor Bay
Type : Original Language
ProductGroup : Video
Manufacturer : Starz / Anchor Bay
EANListElement : 0001313212623
EANListElement : 0013132126234
UPCListElement : 013132126234
UPCListElement : 001313212623
Publisher : Starz / Anchor Bay
Language : 英語Original Language
EANList : 00013132126230013132126234
Actor : Michael Angelis
Actor : Michael Brandon
Actor : Keith Wickham
Actor : Kerry Shale
Actor : Matt Wilkinson
NumberOfDiscs : 1
AudienceRating : Unrated
UPCList : 013132126234001313212623
PackageDimensions : 11273238419
UPC : 013132126234
Languages : 英語Original Language
Name : 英語


A reliable lineup of commemorative stories makes up this notable best-of collection featuring James, the impish red engine famous among Sir Topham's railway gang. George Carlin narrates the eight lively episodes where James is alternately hero and hellion, and gentle moral messages are sprinkled amid the mishaps. Preschool fans will recognize most of their favorite stories like "James Goes Buzz Buzz," where our namesake transports a mob of angry bees and learns a stinging lesson in the process, or "James and the Fruitful Day," a humorous reminder that humility is a virtue whereas pride can lead an engine down the wrong track. Kids relate to James's predicaments, misplaced bravado, and earnest desire to be useful as they tuck away pint-sized proverbs on kindness, forgiveness, and friendship. (Ages 2 to 6). --Lynn Gibson




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